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Terms & Conditions

Regarding the lyrics to be provided by THE LYRIC MAGICIAN (Company), by clicking the box on the order form:

You agree:

• To use the lyrics provided by Company for your personal use, such as you or another person reading and/or singing Company’s lyrics with no music (“a capella”), or with a live band, or to a pre-recorded CD or MP3 version of the song (on which Company’s lyrics were based) at a public or private event, or just using the lyrics as a poem in a greeting card or email.

• That you may audio or video record someone reading or singing Company’s lyrics with the song from which the lyrics are based, and can distribute such recording in any way you see fit with no additional compensation to Company.

• To hold the Company harmless for any reaction/response to the lyrics (a) from the person on which the lyrics are based, or (b) from anyone hearing or reading the lyrics about a product on which the lyrics are based.

• To pay the entire lyric composition fee prior to Company composing lyrics for the copyright-free song you selected.

• That the lyric fee is non-refundable after you are emailed the first round of lyrics within fourteen (14) days after your purchase.

• That after you receive the lyrics from Company, you may edit them in any way.

• That after you receive the first round of lyrics for an individual song, if you are not satisfied, you agree to email Company text-editing suggestions within FOURTEEN (14) calendar days after receiving the lyrics.  Company will edit the lyrics per your suggestions, then email the revised, final lyrics and two MP3's to you within FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from receiving your email...with no further compensation due by you to Company for the same lyrics.

Company agrees:

• To provide the lyrics only to you within the timeframe specified in the lyric writing order form you sent to Company.

• To not distribute or disclose, in any format, the information you provided Company to write the lyrics, aside from including any or all of the information in the lyrics.

• To refuse to write lyrics for you for any reason and not accept payment, or refund your payment, prior to writing any lyrics.

• To not include language in the lyrics that Company or you might deem inappropriate, including but not limited to, vulgarity or defamatory words in any language, and/or information you stated on the order form should not be used or referenced.

• Without disclosing your real name, Company reserves the right to display or edit all or part of lyrics written for you, on Company’s website or reproduce and/or re-use lyrics in any medium as Company sees fit.

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