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Lyric & Song Samples
Below are edited MP3s and partial lyrics I wrote and sung to copyright-free, "source" songs I digitally composed. The song lyrics written for you by the Lyric Magician can be up to 3 minutes long and you can use the lyrics and music any way you want!  You can play the MP3 with vocals...or whomever sings the song at your event can use the vocal version as a singing guide.  Click on the player buttons to listen to samples.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (music only)

Source Song: “The Entertainer” (Joplin) 
Song Category: 1900-22
Event: Husband’s 30th Birthday
Singer at Event: Bob's wife
Partial Lyrics:
Happy birthday to you, dear Bob:
You are turning thirty years young.
“Mr. Dangerous” is your favorite nick name
And when you bowl, you always have fun.
Rusty's the dog you adore,
And you like to go for long walks.
Playing banjo at night, gives you delight
And this song sends you love from your wife.

YankeeDoodle (sung live at event)

YankeeDoodle (music only...not used at event)

“Yankee Doodle Daddy”
Source Song: “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (Cohan)
Song Category: 1900-22
Event: A Father's 60th Birthday
Singers at Event: Two Sons & Wife
Partial Lyrics:
He's our Yankee Doodle Daddy
Yankee Doodle, crisp and clean.
A real live teacher & good father, too
When he golfs, he often hits the green!

We've got a Yiddisha papa
That he's our leader makes us glad:
H.P.G. has a birthday
And this party says we love him...
He is our "Yankee Doodle Dad!"

Good Luck

Good Luck (music only)

Source Song: “stars & Stripes Forever" (Sousa)
Song Category: 1900-22
Event: Good Luck/Going Away Party
Singer at Event: Parents of James
Partial Lyrics:
James, we wish you luck today because you
joined the U.S. Army.
All those years playing video war games, will
help you now!
The Air Force, Navy, or Marines, were your
choices...all great forces.
And you said "yes sir!" when Uncle Sam called your name.

Instead of wearing your favorite blue
You'll put on, camouflage green boots.
Even though you like to sleep in 'till eleven
You'll get up at four, then help protect, our

Adam Bar Mitzvah

Adam Bar Mitzvah (music only)

Source Song: “Hava Nagila" (traditional)
Song Category: Ethnic
Event: Bar Mitzvah Reception
Parents of 13 year old son
Partial Lyrics:
Adam, it's your Bar Mitzvah...
we wouldn't kid ya:
You're a "tween" & now Jewish man!
You learned, the Hebrew language
You speak Spanish...And get good grades in school.

You like, to play chess games
and make, paper airplanes.
Chocolate's your favorite snack
and eggs you like to crack!

You, drink, orange soda like it's water
And your tea, you want it hotter.
You play drums, with such power
and send texts at any hour....

Johnson Electric

Johnson Electric (music only)

Source Song: “Ride of the Valkyries” (Wagner)
Song Category: Ethnic
Event: Retirement Party for Boss
Singer at Event: Group of Employees
Partial Lyrics:
Lori, you are retiring, and we are admiring,
Your 30 years.
At Johnson Electric, each day was hectic,
with your work ethic, you had no fears.
And you will be missed, and we all insist,
that you take your yellow hardhat
and don't look back!
We'll think of you, have a drink or two, &
remember the woman who had grace &
tact...had grace & tact...had grace & tact!

Smart Phone

Smart Phone (music only)

Source Song:“William Tell Overture” (Rossini)
Song Category: Classical
Event: New Product Introduction Meeting
Singer at Event: Group of Employees
Partial Lyrics:
You need the "Smart Phone Guardian"
To protect your phone, it's number one
At your desk, or on the run:
Removes glare, under lights or sun.

This sturdy holster is made to last,
It's lightweight too, and cleans up fast.
The "Smart Phone Guardian" is waterproof:
Gotta great design and that's the truth.

It comes, in colors, like red, blue,
yellow, orange, black and green.
And you, will like, its life-time, money-back, warrantee.
Your friends & you will want to buy
one for your precious phone;
Order from "Awesome, dot com" and
get it delivered to your home!

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